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Winter Sea Squalls ii, Owenahincha, West Cork

Winter Sea Squalls ii, Owenahincha, West Cork

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A freezing day in January i stopped at Owenahincha, knowing there were strong winds and with the hope of some good wave action. It was beautiful - an icy green colour to the sea with a peachy yellow sky to the west. 

There was a man there picking up rubbish and me, the only others on the beach were seagulls, who were flying about on the wind having great fun... 

I made this painting for 'coming west' - an exhibition of art celebrating the coastline in West Cork - which was held at Cnoc Bui Arts Centre in Union Hall. 

  • Pastel on Card
  • 40 x 29 cm / 52 x 42cm framed size -
  • Non-reflective Glass
  • Sold
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