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A Stillness in the Waning Light

A Stillness in the Waning Light

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This painting was part of the West Cork Creates 'Four Seasons' Exhibition at Cnoc Bui Arts Centre, Union Hall. This painting represents Winter - light is low in winter, and below the water colours are only visible in light or in close proximity. 

The Kelp forests in Bantry Bay have been at risk of exploitation, and a group of courageous hard working people have been fighting to protect this beautiful unique environment. 

This painting was inspired by some beautiful photography from that same group, who gave permission for me to use their photographs. While not a replica - it represents autumn in the sea - the dappled light in the otherwise low light below. 


  • Pastel on card
  • 39 x 39 cm / 52 x 52 cm Framed 
  • Sold


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